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Basic things we need to know before applying for BCS

What is BCS?

The BCS is the most desired and doted-on government service in Bangladesh. It is the means to a worthwhile career in civil services; being the central platform for the expression of democracy, justice, and human rights. The primary and overarching goal of the BCS is to serve the people in Bangladesh and adhere to the constitution of the country.

BCS officers have got a big responsibility of offering the basic needs of the government which include education, health, transport, and so on. A diverse group of civil professional working together enhance civil service to form an integral part of the people of Bangladesh.

Who is eligible to apply?

Undergraduates who desire to pursue an advanced career path in BCS must adhere to eligibility requirements imposed by the BPSC. These criteria are scrutinized and analysed profoundly to ascertain the right and suitable candidates for the civil service.

Educational qualifications

It is required that the person who applies must be duly educated as stated in the advertisement for the respective cadre that he applies for. In most cases, this involves the passing of an approved university examination in the subject or category. A copy of official transcript stating that all the written exams have been cleared must also be attached to the application form.

Age limit

Those candidates are fascinated by BPSC to apply for BCS exam in some specified age group and date of advertisement the age should be minimum 21 to maximum 30 years. But for other professions like health cadres or technical education cadres the maximum age limits is 32 years depending on whether one is a freedom fighters children , disabled person and so forth.


The BCS exam is open to applicants who meet the nationality requirement in Bangladesh. Political parties will expel candidates who are already married to non-citizens or who have vowed to conduct a foreign spouse if the government has not already approved it.

Physical fitness

Final selected candidates must pass through medical examination an interview to pass the medical test. This has implied that personnel with any physical disability which can make them unable or is incompetent to work in the designated cadre may be disqualified by the medical board.


The BCS examination is made up three phases plus subject background check for candidate’s qualification. As per the Bangladesh Civil Service (Age, Qualification, and Direct Recruitment) Regulations 2014, the Public Service Commission conducts the following recruitment examinations:As per the Bangladesh Civil Service (Age, Qualification, and Direct Recruitment) Regulations 2014, the Public Service Commission conducts the following recruitment examinations:

1. Preliminary Test: Two essay tests with a total of 200 marks each.

2. Written Test: A written comprehensive 900 mark exam for candidates who qualify in preliminary examination.

3. Viva Voce: Oral defense for the written test candidates with 200-mark questions.

Each stage must be completed to the candidate’s success to proceed to the next one. The evaluation of the final selection is considered as a combination of all three evaluation procedures.

The BCS has many cadres in its civil services department such as general and professional cadres such as administration cadre, agriculture cadre, customs cadre, health cadre and so on and so forth and therefore offers career opportunities in many fields to the civil servant in Bangladesh.